Stakeholder Community

A stakeholder community is essential for fostering collaboration to drive innovation. T2EVOLVE partner BioSci Consulting will lead the effort to build a multistakeholder community which acts as a conduit to create a thriving and sustainable cell therapy innovation ecosystem.


Share perspectives on optimizing development,

increasing awareness and expanding access to engineered cell therapies.


Participate in the T2EVOLVE stakeholder community

to advance innovative therapies to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

To join the T2EVOLVE stakeholder community, please review the membership terms of reference and follow the steps outlined.

The membership terms of reference establish a process for an organisation or individual to become a member of the T2EVOLVE stakeholder community.

A member of the stakeholder community is not a T2EVOLVE project partner. Only T2EVOLVE partners possess specific rights and responsibilities related to the T2EVOLVE project. T2EVOLVE partners establish and govern its stakeholder community and participate in related activities with members.

The T2EVOLVE stakeholder community can include: partners, organisational members (through organisational representatives) and individual members.



The T2EVOLVE Executive Committee manages the stakeholder community. Partner BioSci Consulting is the dedicated point of contact for members.

All requests or recommendations by members are welcome and should be sent to the point of contact. Adoption of requests or recommendations lies at the discretion of the T2EVOLVE Executive Committee.

Members that act in such a way as to damage the interests or reputation of the T2EVOLVE project, may be removed from membership of the T2EVOLVE stakeholder community by the T2EVOLVE Executive Committee.

A member may resign at any time by sending a written notice to the point of contact. The same process applies to any changes in membership.

The membership terms of reference are subject to change. Members will be informed of changes in a timely manner by the point of contact.

The membership terms of reference are not intended to and do not create any legally binding financial or other obligation on the part of the member (organization/individual), the T2EVOLVE project or between the member and the T2EVOLVE project.


Roles & Responsibilities of Members

Members can be organisations, either not-for profit or for-profit, or individuals in fields—such as healthcare, public health, biomedical and other research, information and life sciences, oncology, and patient advocacy—that subscribe to the goals of the T2EVOLVE

Organisational Members, may designate representatives, from its organisation, to represent itself in T2EVOLVE stakeholder community activities.

Member benefits include:

  • access to a member only platform and tools;
  • networking opportunities;
  • awareness of the project (updates, seminars, dissemination activities);
  • consultations;
  • multistakeholder interactions (e.g. roundtables, focus groups);
  • member only events;
  • member developed sub-projects inalignment with T2EVOLVE roadmap;
  • and collaboration on project incubators.

Members agree to receive communication related to the T2EVOLVE project and its stakeholder community.

Participation in stakeholder community activities is voluntary. Activities will be effected progressively when deemed feasible by the T2EVOLVE Executive Committee.


Consent Process

Membership to the T2EVOVLE stakeholder community (organisational or individual) will be confirmed upon completion of the online consent form (by each organisational representative or individual member) which is required for GDPR compliance.

Following completion of the consent form, access will be granted to the T2EVOLVE stakeholder community platform. One organisational representative is required to provide a short profile of their organisation (~1 paragraph).

For queries please contact BioSci Consulting (

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