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What is CAR T-cell therapy?



CAR T-cell therapy is a novel form of immunotherapy to treat cancer using a patient’s own T-cells which are collected via leukapheresis or T-cells from a donor. In Europe, patients can be treated with CAR T-cell therapy as part of standard of care or by participating in a clinical trial.


Animation from Mofitt Cancer Center to explain CAR T-cell therapy. 

For more from Mofitt Cancer Center, click here.

Animation from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. For more from the hospital, click here.

Currently, only CAR T-cell therapies using patients’ own T-cells are available as standard of care to treat hematologic cancers in Europe (i.e. not as part of a clinical trial). Although often only a single infusion with CAR T-cells is needed, the treatment trajectory is intensive and consists of several treatment phases. You can read more about the phases here.

Further information

Patient education presentation

Huntsman Cancer Institute

This Scientific Powerpoint presentation of CAR T cell therapy from the Huntsman Cancer Institute goes through what CAR T cell therapy is, what patients can expect and how they should prepare.

CAR T cell mechanism of action explainer video

MD Anderson Cancer Center

This short video from the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, USA, explains CAR T cell mechanism of action.

ALAN / Lymphoma Coalition Webinar: CAR-T cell therapies and what it means for patients

Full-length webinar by the ALAN / Lymphoma coalition (57 mins).

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