One of the T2EVOLVE consortium’s key objectives is to ensure patients have access to the best available care, and being able to provide relevant and reliable information for patients and healthcare professionals is vital in making sure this happens.

Because of this, T2EVOLVE has been rolling out two dedicated spaces on its website: informational hubs for patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs). 

The patient hub contains information for patients in six languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch), explaining the science behind CAR T-cell therapy and the treatment phases through resources selected by the consortium.

The hub for HCPs shares resources and learning modules related to CAR T-cell therapy, enabling HCPs to expand their knowledge on CAR T and provide the best possible patient experience.

Both spaces will be updated. Please feel free to get in touch if you have new material to suggest as we look to make sure the hubs are populated with the most relevant resources.

Image of the patient hub.

Image of the space for Health Care Professionals (HCPs).

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