Next week, the T2EVOLVE and QUALITOP consortia will launch a survey developed to understand, analyze and meet the needs of European patients treated with CAR-T therapy for hematological cancers.

To reach and engage as many patients as possible, T2EVOLVE’s Work Package 2 team has developed a dissemination plan:

  • All physicians, patient associations, and patients and carers of the T2EVOLVE WGPC will receive a PDF file that can be shared (digitally or in print) directly with suitable patients. The PDF file will include important information about the survey’s purpose as well as a QR code and link to access it.
  • The link to the survey and the QR code will be uploaded on the T2EVOLVE website and all T2EVOLVE social media accounts.
  • The survey will be promoted during the upcoming EBMT-EHA 5th European CAR T-cell Meeting in Rotterdam starting on February 9th, where hundreds of CAR-T experts will be present and able to learn more about our mission. 

T2EVOLVE and QUALITOP are looking forward to kicking off 2023 with the goal to understand and work on improving the journey of CAR-T patients.


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