The strategic objective of T2EVOLVE is to accelerate the process of developing CAR T-cell therapy in the European Union (EU), to grant EU patients access to the most ground-breaking and best available medical care, while providing guidance on the implementation of this novel treatment into the EU healthcare system in a sustainable way, and to help alleviate the financial burden of health care on the economy and society. Moreover, patient involvement will ensure that the perspectives of cancer patients are at the center, in the research setting as well as along the cancer care continuum. 

Our Aims

Key aspects:

The T2EVOLVE consortium aims to achieve its ambitious goal by working on and improving the state of the art of the following key aspects:

To grant optimal reception of the therapy

Selection of optimal lymphodepletion regimens.

For the best safety and efficacy prediction.

Optimization of pre-clinical models.

To involve and guide patients all over their clinical journey

Integration of patient stakeholders into the R&D life cycle of engineered T cell therapy and improve patient experience through the joint creation of innovative communication. education, and training tools.


For the finest patient monitoring

Definition of gold standard analytical methods pre- and post-engineered T-cell infusion.

To minimize unpredictable variables

Production of GMP guidance and establishment of standard product profiles.

To make excellent cancer therapies accessible to all European patients

Patient access expansion.

Our Work

Work Package Architecture 

  • WP1 – Project management, innovation, communication, long-term sustainability

  • WP2 – Patient and health care provider involvement and education
  • WP3 –¬†Models and tools to assess safety of engineered T cells
  • WP4 Models and tools to assess efficacy of engineered T cells

  • WP5 – Gold standard analytical methods in manufacture and monitoring

  • WP6 – Development of optimal lymphodepletion/conditioning regimen
  • WP7 Data management and integration
  • WP8 – Customized EU Pharmacopoeia and GMP for ATMPs

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